Turkish national holidays

If you’re thinking of visiting Turkey in 2015 it can be useful to know when we’ll be celebrating various national holidays. You may wish to join us at those times and experience a taste of our rich culture and tradition, or you may wish to book your holiday at a different time to ensure that all local amenities are open. Either way, here is a list of what we’ll be celebrating in 2015, and when…

  • National Sovereignty and Children’s Day – This is celebrated on April 23rd each year and marks the date in 1920 when the Turkish Grand National Assembly was established in Ankara by Mustafa Kemal. This day marks Turkey’s transition from a religious community to a nation. From 1929 it was declared that the same day would also be known as Children’s Day in order to acknowledge the importance of children for the futures of nations.
  • Ataturk Commemoration, Youth and Sports Day – On May 19th 1919, Mustafa Kemal set foot on Anatolia at the port of Samsun in the Black Sea, marking the beginning of his organising of the nationalist forces before the Independence War.
  • Victory Day – August 30th is known as Victory Day because it marks the day in 1922 which was the fifth day of the big attach against the Greeks, the Dumlupinar Battle. Under the command of Mustafa Kemal this battle was won and thus determined the result of the Independence War. The attack ended in Izmir on September 9th  1922 with the defeat of the Greeks.
  • Republic Day – October 29th is known as Republic Day as it marks the day in 1923 when the Republic of Turkey was proclaimed by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.