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Choose Which Gulet or Boat You Are Interested In.

Here at Salamander Voyages, we now have 5 private gulet charters for our gulet holidays. We can provide a gulet holiday in Turkey, Greece and Montenegro (Croatia to follow). Our Salamander Gulets vary from one another in terms of size and where they sail.

Take a look at some of the options we offer below.

  • Based in Turkey, Operating out of Bodrum (and Gocek on request).
  • Sailing to Turkey & Greece.
  • Built in 1996.
  • 6 en-suite guest cabins.
  • 3/4 crew including your own chef.


  • Based in Montenegro, Operating out of Tivat.
  • Sailing to Montenegro.
  • Built in 2005.
  • 8 en-suite guest cabins.
  • 4 crew including your own chef.


  • Based in Turkey, Operating out of Bodrum (and Gocek on request).
  • Sailing to Turkey & Greece.
  • Built in 1999/2015 refit
  • 11 en-suite guest cabins.
  • 5 crew including your own chef.


Choose your Gulet Cruise and Route

Gulet’s are authentic, yacht-like boats but with greater volume and much higher stability and can usually be seen sailing around Mediterranean coastlines. They are classic and hand-built to traditional designs. Turkey sailing holidays are the perfect way to see what the beautiful sites of Turkey, Greece and Montenegro have to offer. You can easily stop to view any cities or coastlines you cross. You may want to drop anchor and sunbathe in the sun or cool down by sailing in the breeze or having a dip in the crystal clear ocean.

Our own gulet Salamander in Turkey operates from Bodrum and sails from Turkey to Greece. This is our most traditional styled gulet and was built in 2005. When Salamander is full we use the beautiful Ya Selam. She is very similar in both size and style and the perfect option if Salamander is fully booked. On top of these we also have 3 more options for the larger parties. 

Turkey Gulet Holidays and Gulet cruises and yacht charters are a great way to spend the holidays. If you’re a fan of the sea, sun and the outdoors, then ‘The Salamander Experience’ could be the perfect holiday for you.

Private crew and chef

At Salamander Voyages, our crew are dedicated to making your gulet/yacht charter one to remember. The crew includes your own private chef. Their local expertise of Turkey, Greece and Montenegro means they can provide you with the authentic experience, of locations, food and culture.

Our first-time guests have a return rate of 40%. This mirrors the dedication and professionalism of our friendly crew. Once you’ve had a private gulet/yacht charter in the Mediterranean, no other holiday is the same.

Beautiful coastlines and cities

The coastlines of Turkey, Greece and Montenegro are full of ancient cities, historic sites and secluded coves. One of the wonderful things about a gulet boat holiday is the freedom you have with being able to explore remote beaches and islands. We have a number of itineraries and fixed routes however our crew are flexible. If you come across a location you particularly love, you can stay for longer. Also, you can choose whether to eat onboard or explore coastline cities and towns and visit local restaurants.