Turkey: the ideal winter holiday destination

Turkey is situated in an ideal location, straddling both Europe and Asia, which means it benefits from fairly mild winters as well as glorious summers. If you’re looking for a destination in which to escape the harsh UK winter then Turkey is the place for you. The cooler weather from November to March means that you can enjoy the rich culture of the country at a comfortable heat; which is ideal for those who enjoy travelling but don’t cope particularly well during high season.

Winter in Turkey

Turkey is a large country with an extremely diverse geography, which means the weather in the winter can vary greatly. The Anatolian Plateau in the centre of Turkey is often freezing cold during winter, while the mountainous areas to the east receive a lot of snow. The coast along the Black Sea can be a little chilly and wet, but this is usually interspersed with sunshine and temperatures remain mild.

If you want a beach holiday then visit Turkey in the summer, but if you want to immerse yourself in Turkish culture then come in winter and see what we have to offer! Here are just a few of the fun things you can do in Turkey during the winter:

  • Istanbul: This exotic city is steeped in intrigue and allure, and is home to Hagia Sophia – one of the best preserved works of Byzantine architecture in the world. During your stay in Istanbul a visit to the Topkapi Palace should also be on your itinerary, as well as a trip to the stunning Blue Mosque. There are also a great many souks and markets well worth a visit, and Istanbul really comes to life at night.
  • Antalya: This beautiful and varied region is home to a number of amazing historical attractions, for example the ruins of Side which date back to Alexander the Great’s time. The Temple of Apollo and the ancient Roman amphitheatre and baths are also well worth a visit whilst you’re holidaying in the Antalya region.
  • Belek: If golf is your thing then a winter holiday in Belek is a must. The quieter season offers some respite from the harsh summer sun, giving keen golfers a chance to enjoy what Belek has to offer. Belek is situated at the foot of the Taurus Mountains, which offer some protection from the winter weather. Not interested in golf? Then why not check out one of the luxurious spas offering health and beauty treatments in the area.
  • Davras: Situated in the Taurus Mountains, Davras is the winter sports capital of Turkey. The mountains receive the same level of snow as most European ski destinations, with runs that cater for all skiing abilities.

So you see, Turkey is not just a summer destination! We have so much to offer all year round!