Seasickness and ways to cope if you feel a little queasy on a boat

We feel sorry for anyone that suffers from motion sickness at Salamander Voyages, whether you feel a little queasy in a car or find the motion of a boat a little unsettling, it’s such an unpleasant sensation to have to deal with and you have our sympathy.

Have no worries though, we’re pretty confident your stomach will settle after a day or two at sea aboard our beautiful gulet, we’ll soon have you up to speed and feeling fabulous about your new surroundings.

There are various methods to try which overcome seasickness and we’ve listed a few in our latest blog, go sailing and these solutions will definitely help.

Find a stable platform – Minimise the feeling of motion, try sitting in the middle of the boat to reduce body movement, keep your head and body as still as possible until the queasy feeling passes.

Keep your eyes focused on a fixed point – Don’t stare at the water as the gulet speeds along the coast, stare at the horizon or some other fixed point, give your mind time to adjust to the sensation.

Avoid large meals – If you suffer from motion sickness avoid eating heavy meals before travelling, it’s not a bad idea to cut the alcohol out too when you are on the move.

Take tablets – Plenty of medication is available to alleviate the symptoms of seasickness, talk to your GP prior to travelling or pop into the pharmacy and ask for their advice.

Get off the boat for a while – Go for a swim to ease the sensation, or plan a trip where you can moor up and explore the numerous gems to be found along the coast. Sometimes a quick break from a boat is all you need to prevent feelings of sickness, explore your surroundings and you’ll be fine when you get back on the vessel.