5 ways to de-stress on a gulet holiday

Gulet charters are ideal if you are feeling stressed about work, a week or two spent on a traditional sailing boat is the perfect tonic for recharging your batteries. Stay aboard a gulet for a few days and nights and there are countless ways to unwind, some of which are mentioned in this latest blog from Salamander Voyages.

  1. Swim – Swimming is a brilliant form of exercise and it’s a proven method for relaxation too. The good news is you’ll have tons of time for swimming when you hire a gulet, moor when you like and take the plunge, your body will be given a total workout and your mind will be totally at ease.
  2. Read a book – Sit on the deck and plough through those novels you’ve been trying to read for ages. A gulet charter gives you ample time to catch up on your reading, whether you want to flick through magazines or go through the entire works of Shakespeare on your sailing holiday.
  3. Top up the tan – Come on now. You have your own boat for a week or two, the sun is shining, the sea is sparking and you have tons of sun lotion packed away in your suitcase. Use it and work on your tan, lie on the deck, let the sun wash over your body and return home a gorgeous golden bronze colour.
  4. Enjoy quality time together – Whether you book a gulet exclusively as a couple or a family you’ll have an amazing time together. Forget about work, don’t worry about school, switch off and just enjoy each other’s company, leave your stresses back at home.
  5. Watch the world go by – The beauty of a gulet charter is you can simply laze about doing nothing and watch the world go by. Savour the sights of the Turkish and Greek coastlines, spend time in quaint fishing harbours and charming villages, chill and enjoy your peaceful surroundings, there’s no rush, delight in every second of your holiday, just being on a boat is a blissful way to unwind.