What to pack for gulet charters

Packing is the worst part of a holiday, invariably you pack too much, try to cater for all eventualities and some items stay inside the suitcase for the entire duration of the holiday.

It’s a fine line really, don’t pack enough and you’ll be struggling to find items to wear, pack too much and you’ll need a larger case, have to pay the excess and have trouble stowing your luggage when you step aboard a gulet charter.

Getting the balance right is the trickiest part, we know how you feel at Salamander and we want to help if we can. We can’t be there to physically put things into the case but we suggest packing these items for a weekly charter.

  • Soft bag – A large polyester sports bag will be easier to stow aboard a gulet, choose something in the 65 – 85 litre range and that should fit plenty of items inside. Try to leave hard suitcases at home, soft bags or backpacks are perfect for gulit charters, ‘crew bags’ are a good option if you are thinking of buying new luggage
  • Swim suits – Most of the time you’ll be lazing about on deck or taking a dip in the water on a gulit charter, you’ll be living in swim suits so pack a few extra costumes, they don’t take up too much room and it’s nice to have a change of swimwear.
  • Hat – The weather gets hot along the Turkish Riviera and your head will be exposed to the sun. Keep it covered with a sun hat or wear a baseball hat if you prefer, as long as your bonce is covered it won’t burn!
  • Shorts and t-shirts – Great for lazing about the boat in or the times when you are on dry land exploring harbours and traditional villages.  Two or three pairs of shorts should be fine, the same for t-shirts too.
  • Casual trousers/shirts or blouses – Good for the evening if you opt to dine on dry land. Don’t bring anything too formal, lightweight chinos, summer skirts, and casual shirts and tops will be fine.
  • Trainers/sandals/walking shoes – If you want to go exploring on land for a couple of days pack footwear that’s comfy to wear.
  • Sun block/sun lotion – Slap it on and keep applying liberally though the day.
  • Sunglasses – Look cool and protect your eyes as well.
  • Toiletries and med’s – Pack the usual toiletries, shower gel, shampoos, deodorants, toothpaste etc and any personal medication you take as well. If you think you might feel a little queasy aboard the boat, seasickness tablets could be useful as well.

Apart from your camera, travel documents and money, these items should keep you going for a week on a gulit charter and they’ll pack nice and tidy inside a crew bag or something similar.

All packed?

Look forward to seeing you!