The history of the gulet

Here at Salamander Voyages we offer customised charter holidays on our fully crewed sailing ship ‘Salamander’. Our luxury gulet ship sets sail from Bodrum, travelling along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey with your own private party of up to 12 people. Wherever you want to go, whether it be the Aegean or Mediterranean Sea, the Turkish coast, or Greek islands, we can tailor your holiday to suit you.

A gulet is a modern interpretation of the old trade vessels which travelled around the Turkish and Greek coasts many years ago. Along the coast of Turkey, traditional wooden boatbuilding skills are still prevalent, and our vessel, Salamander, was built in one of the most respected boatyards in Bodrum.

It takes around a year and a half for a gulet to be built and completed, and a properly maintained boat can last over 30 years! Each winter we take the Salamander out of the water and scrub the hulls, as well as giving it a thick coat of protective paint before it is ready for the following season.

The infographic below explains everything you need to know about the history of the gulet, we hope you’ll enjoy learning more about these fantastic vessels, and if there’s anything else you’d like to know then please get in touch