Six essential in-flight items you need in your hand luggage

Long flights aren’t the most entertaining things. Sure, you can look out the window and look at the cities and sea below, but not for long. You’re soon above cloud, and the only things to look at will be the grey, wispy clouds thousands of feet below.

So how can you keep yourself entertained?

Simple – pack the right things in your hand luggage.


The best way to pass the time onboard a plane if you don’t like the in-flight movies is a book. We recommend going one further and taking your entire library on there.

Purchase a kindle (they’re incredibly inexpensive) and you can have thousands of books in the palm of your hand. Much better than taking one physical book and finding out you don’t like it 10 pages in.


Ascending and descending in a plane can wreak havoc on your ears. It’s an unpleasant feeling many of us have experienced. The best way to get rid of it is by sucking on mints or some other kind of sweet.

So pack your hand luggage with mint imperials, polos, or any other minty goodies you can suck on.


Tune out the noise of the aeroplane with an MP3 player. You can listen to audio books, your favourite album, or ambient noises to help you relax if you’re a nervous flyer. Headphones are an absolute must when heading on a long flight.


It’s important to stay hydrated on a long haul flight, so be sure to drink water throughout the journey. Just don’t drink too much too quick, otherwise you’ll be up and down to the toilet every 20 minutes, and that’s not ideal for your fellow passengers!


If you’ve left a hot climate and you’re heading to a colder location, make sure there’s a jumper in your bag. It’s a good idea to have one anyway. Planes can get cold, plus you can prop it up against your window to block out light, or use it as a makeshift pillow if you don’t have the next item.

Neck pillow

Long-haul flights are the time to sleep, so make sure you can get comfy. Neck pillows will help you avoid getting a stiff neck when you’ve nodded off.

Image: Pixabay