The Gulf of Hisaronu, Turkey, is more open in feel and often windier with dramatic cliffs & rock formations. The bustling town of Dacta & charming unspoilt villages such as Bozburun & Selimiye (where you might come across the man with the golden teeth) are all top spots to visit. The partially resorted ancient city of Knidos is fascinating, as is the lost city of Phoenix.


The Hisaronu Bay is an extremely popular tourist resort village located in the Fethiye district of Turkey, on the southwest of Marmaris. Compared to the other gulf’s in the area, Hisaronu Gulf is actually on the larger side and offers a little of something for everyone to enjoy with incredible views, jaw-dropping beaches, perfect shorelines, crystal clear water and blue sunny skies.

Hisonaru Turkey is often chosen by travellers looking for a calm, quiet holiday, with beautiful beaches and wonderful seas, but also attracts windsurfers and boating enthusiasts, as the weather can become rather windy during parts of the season.

The Ancient City of Bybassos – nearby to Hisaronu – is a popular destination for many tourists travelling to Hisaronu. Within Bybassos you can find an old temple called “Hemithea” on the Mount Eren, the remnants belong to the city of Kastabos.

About Hisaronu

Sailing across the Gulf of Hisaronu you’ll come across mesmeric cliffs and rocky formations. There’s a number of bustling towns, charming villages and secluded bays you can explore and enjoy.


Bodrum is a popular destination on the Aegean Coast for families and couples. Although a bustling town with plenty of tourists, it’s still managed to keep its authentic and exotic Turkish routes. It has everything from beautiful beaches, a vibrant nightlife and fresh, seafood restaurants.


The Mersincik Bay is a secluded bay with no restaurants. This, however, makes it a popular destination boats, yachts and gulets who want to relax in peace. The greenery and pine trees, however, make up for the lack of restaurants.


Palamutbuku is at the end of the Peninsula. Many regard Palamutbuku as having the most impressive beaches in the whole of the Datca Peninsula in South West Turkey. There are many beaches to choose from here, all of which are small and peaceful, surrounded by green mountains.

As Palamutbuku is away from the crowds, the quiet, tranquil setting attracts lots of fish in the warm, clear waters. The coastline is full of friendly locals and authentic seafood restaurants serving fresh fish caught on the day.


Symi is a small Greek Island, just North of Rhodes. It’s a tranquil and authentic Island where you experience its charm with the friendly, hospitable locals.

It features a colourful main town with vibrant architecture as well the harbour, Gialos. There is also a number of museums and pebble beaches to relax and unwind on. (Symi is a Greek island that we pass by on this route but if you would like to stop in Symi or any of the other Greek Islands – please see our Greek itineraries).


This ancient site dates back to the years BC. The name translates to “broken castle”, due to the ruins of a castle with 9 towers being present. From this site, there are great views across the Aegean where you can watch the number of yachts which visit this location. There are plenty of restaurants who serve delicious seafood.

Bozukkale and its castle have a rich history. It was the location where Athenian Navy attacked Rhodes from, in the Cnidus War in 305 BC.

Serce Limani

Serce Limani offers a secluded, tranquil bay out of the way of cities, towns and villages. Steep slopes surround the bay, almost hiding it away. The only thing you’ll hear in Serce Limani is the slow waves stroking the coastline and goats in the hills.

Serce Limani is close to the Lost City of Phoinix. The Lost City of Phoenix contains the ruins of Acropolis, Agoras, a temple, structures, city walls, graves and numerous wells in use to this day.


Bozburun is a secluded cape on the far end on the Southwest of Marmaris. It is one of the most secluded places in the region. It is famous for its laidback way of life, with a captivating bay, fresh seafood restaurants, deep blue coastlines and, the Bozburun peninsula and the ancient city of Larymna.

You can take a hike to see the remnants of Larymna and view the city walls and beautiful landscapes of Sombeki Inlet and Simi island at sunset.


Selimiye is one of the most popular places in the authentic Marmaris, for good reason. It is a stunning, colourful fishing village which attracts lots of tourists in the summer, however its natural beauty still remains.

There isn’t much of a beach at Selimiye, however, the village is full of greenery and the sea is crystal clear which is picturesque with the red sunset.

There is plenty of history and ancient findings to see in Selimiye from the Archaic era, including 3 olds castle ruins.


Bencik has a sheltered, untouched bay with plenty of grass and greenery. There isn’t much to do in terms of restaurants or hospitality, however, this only adds to its tranquillity. As it is hidden away Bencik is a perfect place for relaxing in peace and catching the sun.


Datca, Turkey, is an absolute must-visit. Once you’re here you won’t want to leave. There’s plenty to do in this beautiful town. You can take a stroll down the cobbled Kumluk Yolu and dine at one of the vibrant, flowery, fresh seafood restaurants.

Across the town square, you can visit the traditional Datca Harbour where you’ll find local fisherman selling their catch of the day. There’s also the freshwater lake, Ilica Golu, which runs into the sea. Despite the popularity of Datca, it’s beaches remain calm and peaceful, making them great places to swim and relax. The traditional Old Town is definitely worth a visit too.


Knidos contains statues of the Greek God’s and Goddess’, Dionysus, Athena and Aphrodite. This ancient city is rich with historical sites, such as amphitheatres and monuments. There are also stunning views from Knidos’ bays and harbours.


The Aquarium Bay is popular due to its crystal clear water and colourful landscapes, likening it to an aquarium, hence the name. Boats and gulets from nearby harbours often come to swim and snorkel. The Bay is also quiet as there are no roads here, although there are plenty of trails great for a hike.