Enjoy the local cuisine in Bodrum!

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We don’t offer charter on a cabin basis like some companies as we understand that you want to be able to fully relax on holiday, surrounded by people you know, rather than sharing a vessel with a bunch of strangers! Full details of our gulet charter holidays can be found on our website.

Most of our gulet charter holidays start off in the coastal town of Bodrum in Mu?la Province in the south-western Aegean Region of Turkey. Whilst in Bodrum, why not eat like the locals do! Here are our top tips to help you blend in and dine well…


Market and street food

Bodrum’s market takes place on a Friday and is abundant in fresh produce like figs, peaches, oranges, and pomegranates, as well as a selection of stalls selling Turkish delicacies. If you want to eat like a local then pick up a sesame simit – a cross between a bagel and a pretzel – or pick up some peynirli borek – layers of flaky pastry with spinach and cheese.

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For something a bit more filling opt for a kumpir – the Turkish take on a baked potato – topped with everything from sweetcorn to olives and yoghurt. Round it off with a tub of lokmasi – sweet deep-fried dough balls covered in syrup.


Counter culture

Bodrum’s central alleys are awash with restaurateurs who will try to lure tourists into their establishments, but if you want to eat as the locals do then head for one of the canteen-style restaurants serving hot and cold foods from a front counter. Choose what you want to eat, from delicious options such as Turkish köfte meatballs or white beans with herbs and olive oil, then take a seat at one of the quaint wooden tables and wait for your food to arrive.


Seafood and mezze

Being a harbourside resort, Bodrum is awash with seafood restaurants. Memedof is one such restaurant which is regularly frequented by the locals. Mezze is the Turkish form of tapas – small dishes such as hummus, falafel, grilled halloumi, olives, and traditional meat dishes like köfte and souvlaki are served before the main fish course.

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Meyhanes aka Turkish tavernas

Traditionally the meyhane catered for local merchants, a place for them to eat and drink after a long day. Nowadays Bodrum is buzzing with meyhanes and the choice can be a bit overwhelming to a tourist! Marmara sits opposite the bus station and is a favourite amongst the locals, with many heading there in the evening to dine, drink and unwind with friends and family. Whichever meyhane you choose, be sure to sample the local mezze and wash it down with some raki – a clear aniseed liquor which the locals drink with a splash of water.

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