Can I Travel to Turkey?

As COVID cases dropped and lockdown and travel restrictions across Europe began to ease, people across the continent started planning holidays away to make the most of the remaining summer months. Yet, some major European cities have since experienced new spikes in the virus. As a result, holidaymakers returning to the UK from these countries were either forced to isolate for 2 weeks upon return, leading to many cancelling their plans altogether. Other countries require tourists arriving from the UK to quarantine on arrival.

Yet, there are destinations in Europe where non-essential travel from the UK is still allowed, without quarantining on arrival or self-isolating on return. Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Brits, and one of the few in Europe where tourists from the UK aren’t required to quarantine in Turkey, or isolate when back in the UK.

Arriving in Turkey

Due to the pandemic, there are medical evaluations travellers will face on arrival to the Mediterranean nation. These will test for any symptoms of COVID-19, including temperature checks. If tourists show any symptoms on arrival, they will be required to take a coronavirus test. Tourists are also required to fill in a form on the government’s website stating their contact and journey details.

Once lockdown eased and travel restrictions across Europe were lifted, many countries allowed tourists from across the globe to enter their country without any medical checks for COVID-19 or any symptoms of the virus.

Perhaps this careful, proactive approach from the Turkish government is why COVID-19 cases remain so low compared to other popular holiday destinations across Europe. Although these medical checks may mean waiting times on arrival to the country are lightly increased, tourists can relax knowing they are entering a country taking the virus seriously.

Safety measures in Turkey

As well as these checks on arrival, the wearing of masks throughout the country is also obligatory. Unlike the UK where just recently mask-wearing has just recently been made compulsory on public transport and in shops, it is the law to wear face masks outside of the home and in any crowded place in Turkey. This includes shops, markets, hairdressers, public transport and private vehicles with more than one other person.

There are also capacity limits on forms of public transport in order to limit the spread of the virus by ensuring passengers can follow social distancing guidelines.

Many people are concerned about international travel due to the pandemic. Entering a country where the R rate is high is a risk. First of all, travellers will be worried about catching the virus whilst on holiday. Second of all, there is the risk that circumstances around travel can change, meaning holidaymakers may lose money on cancelled trips or need to self-isolate for 2 weeks on return.

Turkey, however, is one of the safest major European destinations currently, in terms of COVID-19. Unlike many European nations, the Mediterranean country hasn’t experienced a significant second spike. The peak of the virus in Turkey was mid-April. Since the decline, new cases in the country have remained steady since the beginning of June.

Reasons for this can be put down to the strict and proactive safety measures implemented by the government, medical checks upon arrival, as well as residents following social distancing regulations.

Private, luxury gulet travel

Of the European countries which have experienced significant second spikes of the virus, many of these have occurred in major metropolitan cities. In populated areas, such as popular tourist destinations, the virus is more likely to spread.

However, Turkey offers tourists the chance to experience countless, off-the-beaten-track locations, such as secluded coves, beaches and islands. One way to experience these locations is by private gulet charter.

Private gulet charter allows tourists the chance to experience a luxury holiday, whilst remaining safe and practising social distancing throughout. Private gulet charter features private crew and chefs on board, all of which have their temperature checked twice daily. This ensures tourists can remain in their own social bubble and avoid coming into contact with large groups of tourists and locals alike.

Tourists are free to explore local seaside towns and beaches. There are countless secluded destinations. As the crew are local, they can advise on where you may like to visit. Should tourists wish, they can relax on beaches where social distancing can be easily maintained. Also, there are countless seaside restaurants available where social distancing is also practised.

Alternatively, the onboard crew can prepare meals for all of the guests if they don’t feel comfortable dining in restaurants with other tourists. The crew can prepare freshly made, authentic, local cuisine for guests. All food is fresh and sourced locally from markets. This makes for healthy and delicious cuisine, complemented by local beers and wines.

As guests have exclusive access to their own private gulet, they do not share the boat with anyone else, other than the regularly tested cabin crew. This ensures contact with other people is kept to a minimum. Also on arrival in Turkey, drivers can collect guests in private vehicles, whilst wearing gloves, masks and carrying out a deep clean of the vehicle before each journey.

Keeping safe abroad

Each country has its own laws and regulations in relation to the virus. The most effective ways to keep safe from the Coronavirus is to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene.

Keeping your distance from strangers, whether they show symptoms or not, can help prevent coming into contact with the virus. If possible stay at least 1 meter away from strangers.

Avoiding large crowds and gatherings is the best way to maintain social distancing. Private gulet charters allow for tourists to enjoy a luxury holiday in exotic locations, without needing to worry about maintaining social distancing. Private gulet charter provides tourists with their own social bubble, between the guests and cabin crew.

Guests can spend their entire vacation on the private gulet if they wish. However, if they would prefer to spend time onshore occasionally, whether it is visiting a seafood restaurant or spending time on the beach, this can be done safely also. Our cabin crew is familiar with the local towns, beaches and routes of Turkish travel itineraries. They can advise and recommend popular places to visit where it will be possible to maintain social distancing, relax and stay safe.

Guests can also relax when it comes to the hygiene of a private gulet charter. The general advice is to wash hands frequently, avoid touching your face with your hands and cleaning frequently-touched objects with disinfectant. The cabin crew of private gulet charters can take a proactive approach to maintain gulet hygiene, keeping the boat in shipshape condition.

Hand sanitisers can be located on various parts of the boat, for the crew and guests to regularly wash their hands. As well as this, cabin crew can carry out deep cleans of the boat between charters, and sterilise bathrooms, kitchens and leisure areas during the trip.

If you’re hoping for a safe vacation this year, then a gulet cruise to Turkey will provide you and your guests with peace of mind. As well as visiting a beautiful country with magnificent coastlines, you are able to easily keep distance from other tourists and locals outside of your bubble.