5 of the most idyllic beaches in the Aegean Sea

Warm sun, clear sea and soft sand is what many of us fantasies about while we’re working our nine-to-five jobs and going about our day-to-day. To fuel these fantasies, we have compiled a list of some of the most beautiful beaches in the Aegean Sea to bring you closer to booking next year’s vacation!

Kalamaki, Skiathos

It may be hard to imagine that there is a practically undiscovered area of this popular, Greek island but the Kalamaki Peninsula is close to remote. With a forty minute car journey between it and Skiathos town and Skiathos airport it is not one of the most popular Skiathos resorts. Because of this, Kalamaki beach is close to idyllic; it has gentle bays, soft sands and crystal clear water. As the roads are less than desirable, both the area and the beach are usually peaceful even in the height of the summer season! The only downside to Kalamaki beach is that there are no buses to it; however there is a water bus from Kanapitsa Beach to this idyllic setting.

Bozbuk, Turkey

Situated in the Turkish town of Akbuk, Bozbuk beach is a haven. While it is not often frequented by tourists, as it is a little off the beaten track, it attracts many local Turkish people which is often a good sign for a local attraction. Although the area is not outstanding, the beach is beautiful and the waters are crystal clear and perfect for swimming. Bozbuk is ideal for those who want peace and quiet whilst enjoying their holiday as there are no water sports or activities.  There are also two local restaurants close to the beach which provide traditional food and refreshments.

Nas Beach, Ikaria

Nas Beach is a little-known beach located six kilometres from Armenistis on the north western side of Ikaria island. It is a secluded, idyllic beach making it an ideal place to relax. The most appealing characteristics of Nas beach are the crystal water and the fantastic sunset view, due to its western location. This beach is situated at the end of a gorge and close to the ancient temple of Artemis, in case you fancy a little exploration or ancient education. While this beach is used as a nudist beach for the locals in the quiet seasons, it is welcoming to nudists and non-nudists alike.

Patara, Turkey

Although this beach is known as Patara, Fethiye it is actually closer to the town of Kalkan, Antalya. Due to local building restrictions the beach remains quiet and unpolluted by tall structures and large complexes; because of this, the accommodation in the area tends to be small or boutique hotels and apartments. As the popular beaches of Fethiye often become too crowded, it is a good idea to catch the bus to Patara’s 20km of golden sand and clear sea. The relaxed, peaceful atmosphere of Petara means that you will be able to rejuvenate whilst topping up your tan.

Alyki Beach, Thassos

Although Alyki is one of Thassos’ most famous beaches it is definitely one of its most beautiful too. While it does not boast a remote, peaceful location, like the previous four beaches, it does boast stunning scenery. Alyki is located on the southern side of Thassos and is surrounded by greenery and foliage. This unusual setting, alongside its crystal clear, green water and white pebbles, makes Alyki a popular tourist destination. It is also a suitable environment for families with children and people wanting to relax.