3 alternative cruise destinations

While many people associate cruises with places such as the Caribbean and the Mediterranean there are cruises available throughout the world. While these warm places are suitable for people wishing to explore exotic islands and top up their tan, they’re not everyone’s ideal holiday destination. We have compiled a list of a few alternative cruises which allow holiday-goers to experience areas of the world which they may not have considered visiting before.


While Siberia may not sound like the perfect holiday destination, it is becoming more popular with cruise lines. Land which was once associated with Stalinist labour camps and vast, arctic conditions is becoming an alternative tourist destination. Unspoilt landscapes, vast forests and icy tundra characterise the landscape of this largely unvisited land. One of its main appeals as a cruise ship destination is its wildlife which includes polar bears, sea eagles and sea lions. While a Siberian cruise is not one of the most popular choices, it is becoming more popular and therefore more available, with departures especially from Japan and Alaska.


As with Siberia, Myanmar is also increasing in popularity as a cruise ship destination. Bordered by Thailand, Laos, China, Bangladesh and India, a cruise to Myanmar offers a wonderful, varied experience. Myanmar is a beautiful land filled with history and culture making it ideal for any avid traveller. It offers many different types of landscape and scenery to enjoy, from shimmering lakes and calming rivers, to emerald-green forests and untouched villages. Myanmar has a rich, religious culture, glorious food and welcoming people just waiting to be explored. As with the Siberian cruises, the Myanmar cruise is becoming much more popular with many major cruise lines offering cruises to, and along the coast of, Myanmar.


Fjord cruises have increased in popularity over the past few years. While many people rely on their holidays to provide them with sunshine and sand, the beauty of the Scandinavia is becoming a much more popular holiday destination.  The coast of Scandinavia offers a truly magical glimpse of north Europe the scenery of which is unmatched anywhere in the world. These cruises boast unbelievable views of snow capped mountains, ancient glaciers and undiscovered fishing villages. In addition to that, Scandinavia has some of the largest amount of daylight in the world, meaning days spent exploring it feel infinite.