Below Deck Mediterranean: The Hot Spots

Following the success of the original Below Deck filmed in the Caribbean, the sister show Below Deck Mediterranean was released. The 5 seasons follow the yacht crew through beautiful destinations in Greece, Croatia, Italy, the South of France and Mallorca.

Salamander Voyages have trawled through all 85 episodes to bring you the 10 most instagrammable locations on the show, which are certainly worth a visit one day soon hopefully. Read on below to see our favourite hotspots on the show.



Series one of Below Deck Mediterranean sees the crew sail around the Ionian Islands in Greece, aboard the Ionian Princess.

Santorini is understandably visited on several occasions throughout the series. The lucky charter guests get to experience the whitewashed towns on steep cliffs overlooking deep blue seas.

Santorini is in the middle of the Aegean Sea. It’s covered in white buildings with blue dome roofs, giving a taste of Ancient Greece at its best. Surrounding the towns are endless fields of vineyards. There is also a deep crater in the centre of the Island which was caused by a volcanic eruption back in 1450 BC, which is also an impressive sight.


Mykonos is another staple visit for the series 1 charter guests.

Like Santorini, Mykonos is scattered with picturesque whitewash buildings. There is also a vibrant party scene here, which the crew of Below Deck Mediterranean have enjoyed themselves. Mykonos is full of luxury, with boutique hotels, villas and designers stores. A-list celebrities are often seen exploring the island.

Visitors are also able to visit relaxing beaches and coves, with plenty of traditional Greek and seafood restaurants to choose from.


River Krka

Season 2 of Below Deck Mediterranean takes place in Croatia, aboard the luxury yacht Sirocco. As well as scenic coastlines, charter guests can also visit thick forests and smooth rivers in Croatia.

The River Krka is in the Sibenik-Knin County, in Dalmatia. There are crashing waterfalls and remote islands you can explore on the River Krka, as well as plenty of wildlife which reside around the water’s edge, including over 200 species of birds and 800 species of plant life in the Krka National Park.


In season 2 charter guests are taken to Dubrovnik a number of times and it’s not hard to see why. Known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, the traditional old town, limestone streets, tall city walls overlook the deep blue Adriatic Sea.

Dubrovnik, like much of Croatia, is becoming a more popular hotspot for tourists. However, the City retains its authentic charm. Visitors can take a stroll around the spectacular city walls, then follow with a drink inside the impressive bars located in the cliffside.



The Talisman Maiton is the charter yacht for season 3, which takes place on the Amalfi Coast in Italy.

Sardinia is a beautiful island which lies between Italian Sicily and French Corsica. As well as the vast white beaches, there are also archaeological ruins and national parks scattered across the island.

Sardinia is unlike mainland Italy, offering a unique experience. One thing Sardinia does have in common with mainland Italy, however, is its love for gastronomy. Local cuisine includes roast suckling pig and wild boar. There are also plenty of delicious local wines produced in Sardinia.


The island of Capri provides visitors with a taste of luxury. The celebrity hot-spot is famed for its shopping and natural beauty. The spotless buildings covering the steep cliffs overlooking the ocean offer a picturesque scene.

Capri is also as romantic as it is elegant. There are plenty of relaxing activities to partake in whilst on the island. The vibrant Piazzetta is a famous square where visitors can relax outside with a coffee or cocktail.

Taking the chairlift up Mount Solaro allows visitors to take in the mesmerising views of the island, all without breaking a sweat.


Sicily is another Italian Island the Talisman Maiton visited frequently. It’s also the biggest of the lot. There are countless impressive landscapes, including mountains and countryside as well as plenty of rich history, art and culture.

Mount Etna, Europe’s tallest volcano, towers over the island. There are also snow-kissed mountains to ski and beautiful, white beaches to relax on. The vast vineyards and olive groves also give a taste of authentic Italy.

South of France


Season 4 of Below Deck Mediterranean sees the crew venture through the world-famous French Riviera, whilst back on board the Sirocco.

As well as the film festival in May, there is plenty to do for tourists in Cannes. There are designer bars, upmarket boutiques and stunning beaches. Cannes is another Mediterranean celebrity hotspot, it’s unusual not to see a famous face on the vast beaches.

As well as the glitz and glamour of the island, there is also natural beauty and quieter areas to see. The harbour, the bay and Le Suquet, which is an old quarter, are all beautiful, vibrant places to explore in the sun.


Eze is a charming, medieval village on Cote d’Azur, situated on a hill-top between Monaco and Nice.

Taking the cobblestone streets up the hilltop offer a rewarding, breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. Eze offers a different experience from the likes of Cannes and St Tropez. The authentic homes in the narrow streets are covered with colourful flowers. There are also several art galleries and local perfumeries to visit.



The fifth and final series of below deck Mediterranean takes place in Mallorca, whilst onboard luxury yacht The Wellington. More specifically, Port Adriano is where the journey for charter guests begins and ends.

Mallorca is a stunning Mediterranean Island which offers visitors superb beaches, views, mountains and towns. As well as spending your time lounging on the pristine coast, Mallorca is also a popular destination for hikers ad cyclists.

For less active visitors, try exploring the quaint, honey-stone villages, meadows and vineyards. The stunning coast of Mallorca boasts sculpted cliffs and sapphire seas, with plenty of beautiful seaside restaurants to boot.

Below Deck Mediterranean is well worth a watch. However, wouldn’t your time be better spent experiencing these picturesque destinations for yourself? Salamander Voyages offer private gulet charter across Greece, Turkey, Croatia and Montenegro, with friendly local crew and several itineraries to choose from.